Thank you so very much for picking up this book.

[Kokoro Connect: Clip Time] is the fifth book of the [Kokoro Connect] series, continuing after Volume 1, [Kokoro Connect: Random People], Volume 2, [Kokoro Connect: Random Wounds], Volume 3, [Kokoro Connect: Random Pasts], and Volume 4, [Kokoro Connect: Random Paths]. It's also the first short story collection.

This is Sadanatsu Anda. You know me by my catchphrase "Kokoroco!" Kokoroco!

With this book finally breaking the chains of "Random", some readers may be wondering "What happened?!", but this short story collection appears to have taken on the name of [Time], so that seems to be what's going on.

I make it sound like I've already decided to release a second short story collection, but I want to make it clear that there's no guarantee that "It's coming out for sure!". I'm sorry.

Of course, if it can happen I'd be really glad! Really, really glad! Really, really, really glad!

Well then, there's less and less space left after I nonchalantly go "Please support me!", so I can't really do the usual explanation of each story that typically comes at the end of short story collections. Why have things come to this?... Well, it's probably because I keep adding more pages to my manuscripts. [Kokoro Connect] actually goes way over its projected page number every volume, so it's been cut many times before completion! I always think to myself, "I absolutely can't go over this time", but the pages just keep going way over the projections every time, and this time was no exception!

That might have sounded a lot like juicy behind-the-scenes details, but they really aren't that juicy. Now, after that confession, I'd like to do my thank-yous next.

First, to you readers, thank you so much for supporting this series ever since the first few volumes. As the author, I was deeply moved by your postcards from the drama CD event. I simply couldn't read all of them since there were so many, so I only got to peek at a few, but they were fully written with all your thoughts and adorned with very intricately drawn illustrations… It'll take me a long while, but I will finish reading all of them one day!

In addition, to my wonderful supervisor and everyone involved in the publishing of this book, I've created a lot of trouble for you all this time and sincerely thank you very much for your kind assistance.

And to the great Shiromizakana. The new characters look amazing! As always, thank you sooooo very much!

Finally, I'm a little ashamed, but I wanted to let you all know that CUTEG-sensei's [Kokoro Connect] manga is now on sale!

Now then, once again, I extend the greatest possible gratitude all my readers.

It would be my greatest honor if this book were able to make Japan even just a little bit livelier.

April 2011

Sadanatsu Anda

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