“What?… End? Is it really going to end?”

“Ahh… Yeah… Apparently…”

Before their field trip in September, Taichi and the other second year students receive career survey forms. Watching the members of the Cultural Research Club discuss the club's future during a meeting, Taichi's the only one who begins to feel anxious. Just then, <Heartseed> appears and says: “—This is the last time.”, declaring the end and the beginning.

This time, the phenomenon allows you to see the wishes and desires of everyone at Yamaboshi High School. Feeling anxious, Inaba forces the club members to remain as bystanders, but Taichi and Yui are discontent with sitting back and doing nothing. So starts an ideological conflict with their opposition, Inaba and Aoki… The sixth episode of this pentagonal romantic comedy of love and youth!

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