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Novel Summary (heavily adapted from MAL):

We join our heroes in Club Building Room 401: five seemingly normal high school students. They are brought together and tied by the Cultural Research Club, and spend time together as best friends. Each of them have their own unique personalities, and though they might not always agree with each other, they never leave anyone behind.

All is well, until they're confronted by a supernatural entity calling himself "Heartseed". Heartseed has taken a liking to the club members, and demands to see them become more "fascinating", threatening consequences otherwise. Do the students take Heartseed seriously? What will happen to them?

This is the story of five students, five kids, five humans, five lives intertwining with each other as their friendship is put to the ultimate test.

Kokoro Connect Team:

Translator: defan752

Hi! My name is defan752. Most people shorten it to Defan.

I'm pretty easy to please regarding Japanese culture. If you show me something, there's a good chance that I'll like it!

I joined NanoDesu with the goal to bring all of Kokoro Connect to the English-speaking world, but I'm considering bringing more projects to NanoDesu as well.

Translation is one of my greatest passions, and I take it pretty seriously. For the time being, I am Chinese -> English, but I am actively studying Japanese and hope to eventually become proficient enough to translate from that. I run a translation blog of my own, and I hope we can get along together!

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