About This Project


Violet Evergarden travels the land performing a simple yet profound task: She writes down the words of those unable to do so themselves. She's a gorgeous, fastidious scribe: an "Auto Memories Doll," and a seemingly perfect angel bringing light to the lives of all those around her. When each job is complete, she packs her bag and departs as suddenly as she arrived. Yet no one who meets Violet is soon able to forget her.

Team Evergarden Biographies:

Translator - frphx:

Just quietly sending forth words from the shadows.

Editor – fullsalvo:


Editor – ZeHaffen:

Fluency, spelling, and everything grammatical. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little editor. But Professor Grammar Nazi accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction — Chemical Weeb. Thus, The Powerpuff Editor was born. Using his ultra-super powers, ZeHaffen has dedicated his life to fighting errors, and the forces of unreadableness!

Slave-cum-Administrator – Sora:

Sora is a loser Riajuu who is popular among his imaginary girlfriends. When he’s not out on a date or having his daily dose of cat videos, Sora chains himself to his chair and translates to meet his quota. His works range from Japanese song lyrics and Visual Novels, to washing machine instruction manuals for his Mom.