Hello all.

I bring you exciting news today. Kokoro Connect, after all these years dormant as a generally unknown light novel, has been licensed today by J-Novel Club, announced at Anime Expo 2018! I'm thrilled to hear it gaining the recognition it deserves and urge you all to support the official release.

Unfortunately, as per NanoDesu's policy, we will have to stop working on this project and begin to remove it sequentially as the official releases come. In the coming weeks we will begin our takedown of Kokoro Connect as a NanoDesu translation project, first with PDF/ePUB downloads and then translation pages to follow at a later date. It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye. I cannot tell you what a pleasure it was and how much fun I had working on Kokoro Connect, and to each and every one of my staff members who stuck with me until the very end (you know who you are!), you have my deepest gratitude. None of this project was possible without your earnest support.

Thank you, and see you on the other side.

Hello all. Long time no see. This is Defan, and I have quite a few project updates on Kokoro Connect for you all.

  • Editor Change: First of all, it is with a heavy heart that I must bid my now-former editor ZeHaffen goodbye as he heads for greener pastures. He will still be an admin of NanoDesu, but there is cause for celebration since he is now an official editor with new visual novel localization company Sol Press! We wish Adam all the best in his new job and hope he continues to read Kokoro Connect with us. Meanwhile, please give a warm welcome and round of applause to my new editor TodesBrot, who will be starting the series with Volume 6! He doesn't have a staff entry on the About page yet, but we will probably give him one soon. Maybe.
  • Subpages Created: As you may have noticed, I have created subpages for Volumes 5-8.5, as an indicator of what's coming next. For now we will not be translating Volumes 1-4 because they are already covered by the anime, but if we have time we will be going back and doing those as well. No guarantees though.
  • Blurbs and Biographies: Each volume will now include a translation of its blurb, which is basically a synopsis of the volume printed on its physical dust-jacket, as a cool bonus. Additionally, each volume will also end with a translation of the author and illustrator biographies. You can see an example in the Volume 5 pages.
  • Upcoming Volume 4.5 Release: Edits are being made to Volume 4.5's manuscript to bring it up to NanoDesu's standards (translation credit to Ex.wife, thank you!), and the volume should be released in due course.
  • Upcoming Volume 5 Re-Release: I've also made some incremental changes to Volume 5 (nothing story-changing) that are almost purely stylistic. We will be releasing a second version of Volume 5 in due course with an updated text, and the blurb and biographies.
  • Volume 6 Started: Last but not least, you may have noticed, the first progress on Volume 6 has finally been published! The aim is to finish this volume as soon as possible and get the whole series really moving. Please leave any comments if you see anything wrong so that we may correct them.

And as always, thank you very much for your continued support and readership. I hope Kokoro Connect sees an even greater fanbase in 2018 as well!

Hello, all!

As the title of this post states, we are in need of an editor for Kokoro Connect to fill an absence. Along with our usual requirements, the translator has asked that we push a few extra specifics for this particular application:

-Interest in Kokoro Connect -At least a rudimentary knowledge of Japanese -Quick to respond

Of course, we're always welcome to any application, so if you are at all interested, make sure to check specifics on our staff recruitment page.


Hello all!

First, I apologize about the slow progress on Kokoro Connect, as I have to divide my attention between it and my numerous other projects, but I am very excited to announce a collaboration between NanoDesu and translator Ex.wife of the Baka-Tsuki Kokoro Connect project! Starting now, Ex.wife will be helping out with the side story volumes and retranslating Volume 6. After finishing Volume 5, I will help Ex.wife in finishing Volume 4.5 and 6, and then we can hopefully move on to the final arc, Asu Random, in double time!

How will this work? I will be adding links to Ex.wife's translations at Baka-Tsuki on this site, and links to NanoDesu's translations (here) to Baka-Tsuki, so you guys can move directly between the two sites with as little hassle as possible.

So all in all, I am very glad to be working with Ex.wife on Kokoro Connect, and hopefully this means we can get it translated sooner for you all to read! Cheers!

Defan out.

Volume 6 Progress: 20% (Last Updated 5/20/18)

"This world really is quite fascinating, isn't it?"

Hello, and welcome to Kokoro Connect the Translation! We're so glad to have you here.


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