Collaboration with Baka-Tsuki!

Hello all!

First, I apologize about the slow progress on Kokoro Connect, as I have to divide my attention between it and my numerous other projects, but I am very excited to announce a collaboration between NanoDesu and translator Ex.wife of the Baka-Tsuki Kokoro Connect project! Starting now, Ex.wife will be helping out with the side story volumes and retranslating Volume 6. After finishing Volume 5, I will help Ex.wife in finishing Volume 4.5 and 6, and then we can hopefully move on to the final arc, Asu Random, in double time!

How will this work? I will be adding links to Ex.wife's translations at Baka-Tsuki on this site, and links to NanoDesu's translations (here) to Baka-Tsuki, so you guys can move directly between the two sites with as little hassle as possible.

So all in all, I am very glad to be working with Ex.wife on Kokoro Connect, and hopefully this means we can get it translated sooner for you all to read! Cheers!

Defan out.