To all readers who have picked up this book, I am sincerely grateful.

[Random Fakes] is the sixth book in the [Kokoro Connect] series, following Volume 1, [Random People], Volume 2, [Random Wounds], Volume 3, [Random Pasts], Volume 4, [Random Paths], and the short story collection, [Clip Time].

“As long as we try a little harder, ‘Kokoroco’ will become a widely used official abbreviation… we only need a final push!” I’m Sadanatsu Anda, who has always held this kind of small wish. Say it with me: ready~, Kokoroco!

By the way, perhaps some readers have already noticed, but I start every one of my afterwords by writing all of the this series’ titles in order.

This is because this book is clearly part of a series, but the book title doesn’t include a volume number, so in order to minimize confusion or a wrong purchase when readers buy it, I make it clear at the beginning of the afterword.

But, as someone would point out, “If that’s so, then you should have numbered them from the beginning.” Indeed, that hits me where it hurts.

We had thought before about adding the volume numbers if possible, honest.

However, all thoughts like those were completely rejected, and in the end, we couldn’t help but relent. That towering barrier we had no way of climbing over… Yes, indeed, those are the so-called — grown-up matters.

… Yeah, I just wanted an excuse to say the phrase “grown-up matters”.

Well, why did I bring this up? Those who already know might say “Hindsight is 20/20,” but I hope that you readers can take this opportunity to learn something.

When you encounter an item without volume numbers in a bookstore or some other place and become distressed, wondering “Which volume is this?”... Please see the back cover! If it’s a Famitsu published book, you will be able to tell which volume of the series it is just by looking at the back cover.

By way of example, this book should be marked “A 12 1-5” on the upper portion of the back cover. “A 12” is my authorial serial number, and “1-5” signifies that this book is the fifth volume of my first series.

As long as you glance at the back cover, you won’t be confused with the publishing order!

By the way, the short story collection [Clip Time] is labeled “A 12 2-1”. This is because the title of that volume changed a bit, so it was sorted as a second series.

This means that it’s impossible to tell which volume the short story collection comes after...

B-But, as long as you glance at the list of works in the dust jacket fold, you’ll be fine!

If the bookstore wraps it in film, then I apologize! I’m sorry (this is just in case, it’s not that particular bookstore’s fault).

Now, let’s talk about something else.

The second volume of the manga will release in December 2011!

The second radio drama CD, Spring, Dates, and Sister Games will release in January 2012!

And… an anime adaptation has been greenlit!

It really looks spectacular when I list all of this out in one go… Things seem to have been going pretty impressively lately…

This is all thanks to the support of the relevant staff, as well as you readers. I am truly grateful for everyone.

Whether it is the manga, the radio drama, or the anime, everything is indebted to the passionate efforts of the staff. The end product is shaping up to be quite exciting, I’m sure that it will fulfill all of your expectations! As the author, I will also do my utmost to aid production, so please stay tuned!

Additionally, I hope that everyone will please continue to support the [Kokoro Connect] series, its multimedia adaptations, and its various spinoffs.

I don’t have much space left, so I will begin my acknowledgements here. Firstly, to the relevant staff members involved in the publication of this book, especially my wonderful executive editor, I am extremely grateful. No matter how many volumes I release, my gratitude will not change. Also, to Shiromizakana-sensei, I no longer know how to express my gratitude to you; in short, thank you so much, and please continue to support me.

Finally, to you readers who have been supporting this work since its first few volumes, and you who picked up this book, I express my sincerest gratitude.

September 2011

Sadanatsu Anda

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