2017-06-07 09:44

Welcome to Qualia the Translation!!! This is NanoDesu Translation's English version of Murasakiiro no Qualia, a rather famous light novel from Ueo Hisamitsu (although calling it a light novel is a bit weird I guess - it has illustrations but doesn't really read like any light novel I've ever read).

I'd like to caution people before they launch into this book that it probably is not like many other light novels that you have read; this is a work by a man who clearly enjoys his science fiction, and who did his fair share of research into physics and philosophy before writing this work. Be prepared for an engaging story, but one interspersed with regular discussions of physics, philosophy, and human psychology.

For those of you who have read the manga, welcome, and I hope you enjoy your second exposure to this great work of fiction. Although I'm a bit biased of course, I do hope you enjoy how the novel that started it all fleshes out the characters, plot, and general worldview of the Qualia universe and fills in a lot of the gaps.

Last, because Qualia is a rather unique novel, filled with philosophical musings and driven almost entirely by plot and suspense, we've decided that it only makes sense to release it all at once. And right now, we are pleased to say that the entire series has been posted! You can start this adventure with Chapter 1, right here (click me!). Also if you would like to read the novel in Epub or PDF format, now you can! Click here for PDF and here for Epub.