10: Marii and Sci-Fi? (Aside)

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Qualia the Purple

Arc 1: Various Notes on Marii

Chapter 10: Marii and Sci-Fi? (Aside)

It was lunchtime on one day.

For once, Tenjou Nanami had come over but didn't try to pick a fight (well, not too much, at least); instead she sat with us and we ate lunch together. But, as soon as she closed the lid on her bento box, her lips warped into a smile and she began to speak.

"...... Hey, Marii. I've been getting quite fascinated by sci-fi lately, you see..."

It seemed to me that she had come over and had been all friendly just so she could bring this up, so I prepared myself for the worst, but Yukari just happily looked at Tenjou and nodded, eager to listen to what she had to say.

Tenjou showed us a rather wicked smile and continued.

"Marii, have you ever thought about things this way? It's not that you see other humans as robots... but what you see is, in fact, reality."


"In other words, all of us just believe that we're human, but in reality we're all robots. Yes... we're all robots that were planted here by aliens to invade and take over Earth."

"Invade? Take over?"

"Yes. These aliens gave us human form and memories so we could blend into human society quite easily, and nobody can tell us apart from real humans. There is nothing different about us. And we ourselves have even forgotten the fact that aliens ordered us to blend into this planet, but when the right time comes, our memories as invasion robots will resurface and we will begin taking over the Earth.

But, nobody knows that right now.

You, and only you, can see us for what we really are. You are the only one who can see the reality of the situation, the only one who can save this planet. Hmm... or maybe that's not it. Instead, maybe the invasion is already over, and we're all just robots who think we're human, but you are the only real human left. What would you do if that were true?"

I felt myself completely about to blow my top as Tenjou got farther and farther into her little story.

But Yukari just looked at Tenjou, gave her a smile, and answered.

"... Umm, Ten-chan... I think Gaku-chan won't be too happy when she hears me say this either, but..."

"What is it?"

"I've never ever thought that what I see through these eyes has been anything but the truth."

When Yukari said that, I felt her eyes looked especially clear and commanding.

It just made me think... Yukari must be a really strong person.

Well, in retrospect that was pretty obvious. With her different way of viewing the world, Yukari had definitely been tested again and again, and yet here she was after having overcome all those challenges. There was no way she was weak. The world wouldn't allow her to be.

No matter what her purple eyes showed her, Yukari would definitely never lose.

If anybody had to lose, it wouldn't be Yukari...

It would be the people around her.

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