8: Marii the Scientist? (Aside)

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Qualia the Purple

Arc 1: Various Notes on Marii

Chapter 8: Marii the Scientist? (Aside)

Well, I guess there's no time like the present, because Yukari finished all the robots she had been asked to assemble before noon (honestly, I wonder why she didn't charge money for that work... did that make me a bad person?) and then dragged me to the model store and got me to buy a model that she recommended.

It was the type that used screws and was also unexpectedly big and pretty tall... but anyways.

We brought that model back to my house and went to my room to start to build it when Yukari revealed another one of her talents.

Actually, on that day, my room's air conditioner had broken.

We had called for people to come fix it, but it would be nighttime before they were available. That's why, to cool myself down, I had gone over and intruded on Yukari so early in the morning (well, I ended up sweating anyway since we were working in the garden), but now Yukari, in great spirits, used only the tools she had for building the plastic models and fixed my air conditioner for me. It seemed that the problem was just that the filter was clogged, but she briskly ignored the "Danger: Do Not Remove" seal on the machine and took the air conditioner apart piece by piece, before quickly assembling it back together like she was just putting together another plastic model. I was really surprised.

"Y-You almost made that look easy, but don't you need some kind of license or something to do that?"

"Yeah. So good boys and girls shouldn't try and do what I do, and you definitely can't tell anybody else about this, but I'm pretty good with home appliances! If you have the parts I can build you a fridge, or a stove, or even a computer! So just let me know if you need anything!"

Was this another skill born from her special eyes...? Seriously, people who had skills like these sure were amazing... If Yukari could already do this stuff when she was in junior high, she might actually be able to build real robots when she grew up... Or well...

"... Wow. Could. It. Be. Yukari. Is. Actually. Pretty. Smart?"

"Wah. Gaku-chan, why are you talking like that?"

... I had thought she was a bit of an idiot up until now, so I was actually a bit shocked.

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